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Co-expression Analysis

Return the highly correlated gene expression profiles according to provided probeset ID or gene expression profile. Correlation measurement can be based on either Pearson's Correlation Coefficient (a.k.a Pearson Linear Correlation) which is around mean, or Cosine Correlation which is around zero.

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Input numeric values corresponding to the experiments selected below, and in the same order. Values must be space-delimited (white space, tab, or carriage return).
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  1: L.burttii_Ctrol   2: L.burttii_Salt
  3: L.corniculatus_Ctrol   4: L.corniculatus_Salt
  5: L.filicaulis_Ctrol   6: L.filicaulis_Salt
  7: L.glaber_Ctrol   8: L.glaber_Salt
  9: L.japonicus Gifu_Ctrol   10: L.japonicus Gifu_Salt
  11: L.japonicus MG20_Ctrol   12: L.japonicus MG20_Salt
  13: L.uliginosus_Ctrol   14: L.uliginosus_Salt
  15: Shoot 0mM sodiumChloride   16: Shoot 25mM sodiumChloride Initial
  17: Shoot 50mM sodiumChloride Initial   18: Shoot 75mM sodiumChloride Initial
  19: Shoot 50mM sodiumChloride Gradual   20: Shoot 100mM sodiumChloride Gradual
  21: Shoot 150mM sodiumChloride Gradual   22: WT control1
  23: WT Drought1   24: Ljgln2-2 Control1
  25: Ljgln2-2 Drought1   26: Pod10d
  27: Pod14d   28: Pod20
  29: Seed10d   30: Seed12d
  31: Seed14d   32: Seed16d
  33: Seed20d   34: Fl
  35: Leaf   36: Pt
  37: Stem   38: Root
  39: WT root tip 3w uninocul   40: WT root 3w uninocul
  41: WT root 3w 5mM nitrate   42: WT root 6w 5mM nitrate
  43: WT shoot 3w 5mM nitrate   44: WT shoot 3w uninocul
  45: WT shoot 3w inocul3   46: WT leaf 6w 5mM nitrate
  47: WT stem 6w 5mM Nitrate   48: WT flower 13w 5mM nitrate
  49: har1 root 3w uninocul   50: har1 root 3w inocul3
  51: har1 shoot 3w uninocul   52: har1 shoot 3w inocul3
  53: WT Root 3w nodC inocul1   54: WT root 3w inocul1
  55: WT root 3w inocul3   56: WT nodule 3w inocul14
  57: WT nodule 3w inocul21   58: Root0h (uninoculated_root)
  59: Nod21 (nodule 21dpi)   60: WT root+nodule 3w inocul7
  61: WT root+nodule 3w inocul21   62: WT rootSZ 3w uninocul
  63: WT rootSZ 3w Nod inocul1 (Nod_factor)   64: WT rootSZ 3w inocul1
  65: nfr5 rootSZ 3w uninocul1   66: nfr5 rootSZ 3w inocul1
  67: nfr1 rootSZ 3w uninocul   68: nfr1 rootSZ 3w inocul1
  69: nup133 rootSZ 3w uninocul   70: nup133 rootSZ 3w inocul1
  71: cyclops root 3w uninocul   72: cyclops root+nodule 3w inocul21
  73: nin rootSZ 3w uninocul   74: nin rootSZ 3w inocul1
  75: sen1 root 3w uninocul   76: sen1 nodule 3w inocul21
  77: sst1 root 3w uninocul   78: sst1 nodule 3w inocul21
  79: cyclops root 3w inocul   80: root_4dpi control
  81: root_4dpi mycorrhized   82: root_28dpi control
  83: root_28dpi mycorrhized
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