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The team members of the Lotus japonicus Gene Atlas project and the Lotus japonicus Transcriptome Investigator would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following researchers in their listed publications, without which the web server would not be so successful. Lists below are not ordered.

Lotus japonicus Gene Expression Data
  • Díaz, P. et al. (2010) "Deficiency in plastidic glutamine synthetase alters proline metabolism and transcriptomic response in Lotus japonicus under drought stress". The New phytologist. 2010, 188:1001--13.
  • Høgslund, N. et al. (2009) "Dissection of symbiosis and organ development by integrated transcriptome analysis of lotus japonicus mutant and wild-type plants". PloS one . 2009, 4: e6556.
  • Sanchez, D.H. et al. (2008) "Integrative functional genomics of salt acclimatization in the model legume Lotus japonicus". The Plant journal 2008, for cell and molecular biology 53: 973-87.
  • Sanchez, D.H. et al. (2011) "Comparative functional genomics of salt stress in related model and cultivated plants identifies and overcomes limitations to translational genomics". PloS one 2011, 6: e17094.
  • Guether, M. et al. (2009) "Genome-wide reprogramming of regulatory netowrks, transport, cell wall and memberance biogenesis during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in Lotus japonicus". Plant Physiology 2009, 182(1): 200-212.
Lotus japonicus GeneChip and Genome Annotations
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